Saturday, January 31, 2015

Webseries Q & A Thingy

It is I, Griffin. My title is very well thought out, as you can see.
Anyway... I came up with questions... And I will be answering them. These questions are about webseries. I'm gonna get started now... xD

Q1: What was the first webseries you ever watched?
A1: The Lizzie Bennet Diaries of course! I'm pretty sure this is where everyone starts.

Q2: What was the last webseries you watched? (And completed.)
A2: Nick Carraway Chronicles- I finished it just tonight, actually.

Q3: Who is your webseries OTP (One True Pairing?) (Picture required.)
A3: My webseries OTP are my OTP in general- SCENE AND INTERN 2- SCENTERN 2 :D
From MyMusic 

Q4: What is the first webseries you cried at? (Really cried, not just teary eyed.) 
A4: Jules and Monty- my parents were so confused as to why I was suddenly depressed for the rest of the day... It was because of this. 

Q5: What's the last webseries you cried at? 
A5: MyMusic- Season 2 was very emotional... #NOTOKAY 

Q6: What book would you most like to see adapted into a literary webseries? 

Q7: What is the next webseries you plan on watching? 
A7: TheStingChronicles- I've been wanting to watch this one for awhile and I'll have some time for binge watching soon so... This is happening. 

Q8: Funniest webseries? 
A8: I'm not going to link to it for the third time because I'm lazy... But... MyMusic. 

Q9: Webseries that needs more views? 
A9: Shakes- only 372 subscribers to this stunning webseries. The world must know about this. 

Q10: Webseries that you didn't like all that much? 
A10: A Bit Much- I watched it all and was entertained moderately but... Quite frankly, I'd never recommend it. 

Q11: Webseries you're waiting for new episodes of most anxiously? 
A11: The Jane Games- I swear, if I have to wait any longer... 

Q12: Most painful ending to a webseries? (Not like it was bad, just... Sad.) 

Q13: Webseries that needs a Season 2 the most? 
A13: Frankenstein, MD for reasons that will be obvious to anyone who has seen this one. 

Q14: Webseries that changed your life the most? 
A14: MyMusic though it might seem weird, the character of Scene has inspired me so much to embrace who I am and just be happier in general. 

Q15: What webseries has the best production value? 
A15: The Misselthwaite Archives a new webseries that has just really stunned me so far... 

Q16: Webseries that got way better as it went on?  
A16: University Ever After It may have started out slow but it ended up being one of the best. 

Q17: Webseries you didn't think you'd like that much but ended up loving? 
A17: Paradise High didn't think it was up my ally but then I started watching... 

Q18: Most creative format in a webseries? 
A18: Second Time is very creative...

Q19: Webseries with your favorite nerdy references? 

Q20: Webseries you watched fastest? 
A20: Kate the Cursed- one sitting was all it took. 

So... I hope you liked this tag (and maybe found some new webseries :D) 
I'd love if anyone else does this (just tell me if you do) and I'd love to hear all of you peoples opinions in the comments. 

Monday, January 19, 2015

Sense and Sensibility (1995) Movie Review {NO SPOILERS}

i KNOWWWW I said my next post would be Les Miserables, but that post is going to be exceedingly long and I am far too lazy for that right now...therefore, change of plans.
I will be reviewing the 1995 film adaptation of Sense and Sensibility, a novel by Jane Austen.
Movie info:
Rating: PG (for adult situations)
Screenplay: Emma Thompson
Director: Ang Lee
Poster: (This is the one on Netflix, at least)

Now for my actual review :D 
(Masculine voice) Sense and Sensibility is the tale of two sisters, Elinor and Marianne, and also some other annoying gals, a stupid dude, some lovelies, and Snape. 

Okay... But really. First up characters. XD 

Elinor Dashwood- portrayed by Emma Thompson: 
Emma Thompson did a fantastic job portraying the lovely and complex character of Elinor- even if she was a bit old for the role at the time. She really brought to life the character (and is very good at crying, like me as I was watching. Ahem) 

Next up, Marianne Dashwood- portrayed by Kate Winslet {JEANINE MATTHEWS :O}:
Kate Winslet was also really good (oh goodness this is all gonna be the same) in her role. She is also very good at crying (like me, ahem.) As a side compliment, she actually looks to be the age of the character. XD 

Next we have Edward Ferrars- portrayed by Hugh Grant:

Let's just start by saying Hugh is a beautiful human... Moving on. Anyway, Hugh Grant was a perfect Edward, because- and I mean this very respectfully toward Edward because I like him very much- he was so awkward it hurt me to watch. I couldn't do it, I felt like I should leave it was SO. BLOODY. AWKWARD. Also, I wish he was in more of the movie because as previously stated, Hugh is a beautiful human. Moving on. 

Now for the moment I have been waiting for- Snape- I mean Colonel Brandon, portrayed by Alan Rickman:

Alan Rickman was a PERFECT Colonel Brandon. He is perfectly grumpy looking, perfectly older yet beautiful, perfectly kind yet reserved. He plays his part beautifully and every scene with him in it was just perfection.

Next we have *gulp* WILLOWPEE. Ahem, I mean Willoughby- portrayed by Greg Wise:

Okay yes, Greg Wise did a stunning job. He looked the part (ahem, handsome,) he acted the part very well and I've got no complaints on his acting. I did want to tear his face off throughout just about all of the movie but... I was able to resist.

Those are the characters I am going to focus on, but I would also like to mention the outstanding performances by all the others, such as Fanny, Mrs. Jennings, Charlotte and John- among others.
However, I was particularly stunned by two performances- Numner one being...
Lucy portrayed by Imogen Stubbs, who's acting performance was phenomenal. She fit the image I had in my head very well.

Number two surprisingly good is Margaret, portrayed by Emilie Francois: 
She seemed to almost have more character in the movie than the book, and I appreciated her a lot more. 

What moments in my mind were done particularly well?
Ahem. Here we go. In no particular order.

Give it you nice lovely man. XD (Dunno why I loved this scene so much)

This part was very painful to watch, my heart nearly exploded, yet it was brilliantly done and left me screeching at the television.

Mr Palmer. is da best.

4). CRYING. 
I was crying too but this moment was very powerful. And then Mrs. Jennings with her olives. 

The best scene in the entire movie. 

That will conclude this section for me, however PLEASEEEEE note that not all the best scenes are in here- such as a certain proposal, two rain rescues, Brandon telling Elinor about Beth and Willoughby at the end of the movie- yet I didn't have room for all/couldn't find pics. 

So... In conclusion, a FANTASTIC MOVIE! :D 
10/10 stars. Tears, laughter and everything in between. 

Want to know what I'm raving about? (Of course you do) 
Here are some things to do, in no particular order. 
- Watch the Sense and Sensibility 1995 movie you just read my review of. 
-Read the amazing book by Jane Austen. 
Watch the webseries based off Sense and Sensibility- Elinor and Marianne Take Barton. 

Then tell me what you did so we can fangirl. 


And let's end on this note- edits of Colonel Brandon as Snape that I found on the Internet.