Saturday, January 31, 2015

Webseries Q & A Thingy

It is I, Griffin. My title is very well thought out, as you can see.
Anyway... I came up with questions... And I will be answering them. These questions are about webseries. I'm gonna get started now... xD

Q1: What was the first webseries you ever watched?
A1: The Lizzie Bennet Diaries of course! I'm pretty sure this is where everyone starts.

Q2: What was the last webseries you watched? (And completed.)
A2: Nick Carraway Chronicles- I finished it just tonight, actually.

Q3: Who is your webseries OTP (One True Pairing?) (Picture required.)
A3: My webseries OTP are my OTP in general- SCENE AND INTERN 2- SCENTERN 2 :D
From MyMusic 

Q4: What is the first webseries you cried at? (Really cried, not just teary eyed.) 
A4: Jules and Monty- my parents were so confused as to why I was suddenly depressed for the rest of the day... It was because of this. 

Q5: What's the last webseries you cried at? 
A5: MyMusic- Season 2 was very emotional... #NOTOKAY 

Q6: What book would you most like to see adapted into a literary webseries? 

Q7: What is the next webseries you plan on watching? 
A7: TheStingChronicles- I've been wanting to watch this one for awhile and I'll have some time for binge watching soon so... This is happening. 

Q8: Funniest webseries? 
A8: I'm not going to link to it for the third time because I'm lazy... But... MyMusic. 

Q9: Webseries that needs more views? 
A9: Shakes- only 372 subscribers to this stunning webseries. The world must know about this. 

Q10: Webseries that you didn't like all that much? 
A10: A Bit Much- I watched it all and was entertained moderately but... Quite frankly, I'd never recommend it. 

Q11: Webseries you're waiting for new episodes of most anxiously? 
A11: The Jane Games- I swear, if I have to wait any longer... 

Q12: Most painful ending to a webseries? (Not like it was bad, just... Sad.) 

Q13: Webseries that needs a Season 2 the most? 
A13: Frankenstein, MD for reasons that will be obvious to anyone who has seen this one. 

Q14: Webseries that changed your life the most? 
A14: MyMusic though it might seem weird, the character of Scene has inspired me so much to embrace who I am and just be happier in general. 

Q15: What webseries has the best production value? 
A15: The Misselthwaite Archives a new webseries that has just really stunned me so far... 

Q16: Webseries that got way better as it went on?  
A16: University Ever After It may have started out slow but it ended up being one of the best. 

Q17: Webseries you didn't think you'd like that much but ended up loving? 
A17: Paradise High didn't think it was up my ally but then I started watching... 

Q18: Most creative format in a webseries? 
A18: Second Time is very creative...

Q19: Webseries with your favorite nerdy references? 

Q20: Webseries you watched fastest? 
A20: Kate the Cursed- one sitting was all it took. 

So... I hope you liked this tag (and maybe found some new webseries :D) 
I'd love if anyone else does this (just tell me if you do) and I'd love to hear all of you peoples opinions in the comments. 

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