Sunday, April 20, 2014

This Thing Called Good Behavior

When I was a young warthog my mother used to tell me " YOU GET YOUR DONKEY BACK HERE AND CLEAN DA KITCHEN OR I'LL TEAR YOUR THROAT OUT" which is why I left that occupation and became a human instead. IT IS WORSE. Now, not only do I have to clean the kitchen but I have to do it with a good attitude!? -_- 

So, I ran away across the Fjords and met Snowflake and we decided to place good behaviour in a big bag and toss it to Beijing China, which we did promptly. All the while this song was playing: 
Ah, the wonders of childhood... and no rules... I wasn't allowed to watch this -_- 

Then we ran into a big white pig named Arnold. But we just ate him and sat in the cactuses eating jelly beans and watching this: