Saturday, November 29, 2014

When Everything In Your Life Can Be Summed Up With Doctor Who Pictures And Gifs

Wow. Long post title I have. (It's me, Griffin!)
Anyway, in this post I'll be taking things from my life and showing how it can be summed up with a Doctor Who picture or gif. 

When I yell in public that everyone needs to watch Doctor Who if they want to live a happy life, and realize that this probably turned them off from watching the show.
*this may or may not have happened 

When someone asks me why I think Doctor Who is the saddest show in the universe. 
*this has happened many times 

When I'm reading a sad book in public. 

When I meet another Whovian 

When someone says they hate Doctor Who 

When someone says I'm too obsessive over Doctor Who 

When I'm trying to attract Doctor Who fans when in public, this is what I yell. 

When I very proudly make a fandom reference...

When I'm trying to comfort myself before reading the last book in a series 

When I wake up late in the morning and my entire family is gone
*this has happened 

When I'm talking to myself like Gollum and Smeagol

When I come home to all my precious books

When someone questions my awesomeness

When someone offers to take me to the bookstore

When I am told that I can't get a plane ticket to England and go to the Doctor Who Experience

When I yell at the tv in shock and despair

When I manage to cheer up a baby quickly

When talking with someone who hasn't heard of Doctor Who 

When the last person I know is leaving a party 

When I am told that all the cake has been eaten

When someone has more knowledge than I want them to

Whenever someone leaves who I actually enjoy being with 

When I am being forced to go somewhere dreadful 

When my brother leaves each year for College again

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