Thursday, December 4, 2014

Doctor Who Tag

Ello lovelies! It's Griffin! I'm here to do the Doctor Who tag, which was I believe created by the fantastic Luke Spillane. Check out his YouTube Channel here:

Anyway, I'll get right into the questions. Allons-y!
Note: For the sake of my friends who haven't explained Classic who, this shall only involve Nu-Who, I may do a separate one for the Classic Series another time.

1). Who is your favorite Doctor?
Hard question. You see I love Matt Smith and I think... He was almost my favorite for awhile. And then Capaldi came and he is lovely. But for me it always comes back to David Tennant, The Tenth Doctor. I love him with both of my hearts.

2). What is your favorite Doctor Who story?
If you know anything about me, you should know the answer. What is in my opinion the Three parter Season finale of Season 4, Turn Left/The Stolen Earth/ Journey's End.
With the return of Sarah Jane Smith, Captain Jack Harkness, Rose Tyler and family/friends, Martha Jones and cameos from Torchwood and K9, this is the most fantastic story ever.

However, in all honesty the best Doctor Who story is probably Human Nature/The Family of Blood... but Rose Tyler and Captain Jack didn't return in that one so boo. XD 

3).  Who is your favorite companion? 
Amelia Pond comes right after Donna though. I named my bunny Amelia Pond :D 

4). What was the first Doctor Who story you ever watched? 
The first episode of the Doctor Who 2005 reboot, Rose. Not one of the best but still enjoyable...

5). What is your favorite series or era? 
...The Donna Noble era. 

6). Which is your favorite pre or post regeneration story? 
The End of Time Part 1 & Part 2, where we said farewell to our beloved Ten. Even before that sobbing was unavoidable. A beautiful story. 

7). Which is your favorite TARDIS desktop theme? 
Hmmm... Probably The Eleventh Doctor's second one...

8). Which villian/monster is your favorite?
Silence will fall...

9). What is the scariest Doctor Who episode you ever watched?
The Waters of Mars. No question about it. I also cried a very unhealthy amount when watching this one.

10). If you could be any character in Doctor Who, who would you be and why?
Amelia Pond. She's almost exactly like me, she has a husband who loves her, she's indepent and hilarious, beautiful and a published author. Yeah, easy choice.

11). Favorite non-companion character? 
Do The Paternoster Gang count? If so, them. 

If not, then Osgood

12). Favorite Doctor Who Christmas Special? 

The Time of the Doctor since I've already mentioned The End of Time. DO NOT DROP YOUR BWOTIE DOCTOR YOU ARE NOT GOING TO REGENERATE STOPPPP #crying #crying #crying

13). Sum up in three words what does Doctor Who mean to you.

Well that's all for the Doctor Who tag! I hope you enjoyed this and I encourage you to do it as well in the comments or your own post :D 
Anyway, my next post will be about Les Miserables so be prepared. 


P.S. If any of the pictures or gifs don't work, reload the page and they should. If they still don't, please tell me :) 

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