Friday, February 6, 2015

Why You Should Watch Selfie- Despite How Terrible It Looked

It is I, Griffin, once more.
So... Being a huge Doctor Who fan, I like to keep up with the actors and actresses. Yes, I even forced myself through one episode of the horrible kids tv show, Tree Fu Tom,   Sophie Aldred and David Tennant voiced characters.
When I heard Karen Gillian was getting her own show I was like GIMMENOW. Then I watched the trailer. And I was like EXTERMINATETHISNOW. And the show was gone from my mind forever after. Then one day whilst I was browsing YouTube, I noticed a video of Karen Gillian singing Sia's Chandelier. Of course, after a minor fangirling moment, I quickly clicked and watched. I cried. That was when I saw that it was from her show Selfie.
So I gave the show another chance... Needless to say, I was more than hooked when Henry accidentally tagged himself on Facebook as his ex's newborn baby and couldn't undo it. Yeah, she saw that.
I watched the first nine episodes in one night and got no sleep. None. Nada. And the next night, tonight as I write this, but probably a few days later once I publish this, I finished the show. My cheeks are still streaked with tears.
So, without further adieu, I give you... WHY YOU SHOULD WATCH SELFIE LIKE NOW.

10). Dance Moves...
Eliza shows us she is basically a pro dancer:
And Henry shows us a very different side of him than we would have ever expected... :

9). Eliza going to her hipster friend's (who isn't really her friend) book club:

8). Henry's reaction when seeing how naturally beautiful Eliza is- because I think this says a lot about how people try to hide themself with makeup and stereotypically sexy clothes, when truly, they're really beautiful naturally, without any of that: 

7). Sam Saperstein, the best boss ever-friendly, hilarious, and Captain of my Ship:

6). Charmonique basically owning a judgmental idiot who forgot what it means to be a Christian (no judging, love everyone): 

5). Henry- his character development is astonishing, not to mention the fact that he is extremely well acted, attractive, and an overall amazing but flawed human: 

4). Eliza- her character easily could have been just a dull caricature but Karen Gillian's fantastic acting turned her into so much more. She grew so much and it's all truly touching.

3). Henry & Eliza- Heliza- I shipped it from episode 1. They're just perfect for each other and... And... Oh dear I'm getting emotional again *bursts into tears* 

2). The amazing and brutally honest things this show teaches- and I thought it was just a stupid sitcom.
We see how social media has negatively affected so many lives, and get some really good thoughts on how that needs to change. We sit on our phones and let life pass us by.
Eliza is a girl with "loose sexual morals" according to episode one, and this is true. Henry tries hard to stress that maybe he's not looking for sex, he's looking for the real thing- and this is an important message for society to hear- and for Eliza to hear.
The show digs into the subject of being brave enough to take the route you know is right, even when it may be risky.
And with Eliza realizing she is her own role model, this show becomes far more than a stupid comedy about a social media obsessed girl. Far more.

1). Episode 10- Imperfect Harmony. 
This is the best episode of a tv show I think I have ever seen. 
Eliza loves Henry. Henry clearly loves Eliza. But Henry talk to Freddie- gets the idea that Eliza is scared of a real relationship- and Henry is scared of a relationship with Eliza. So he talks to her, and though she insists she loves him- he rejects her. Twice, basically. 
And the second time, it is time for Eliza to sing something for Karaoke- and she gets up on that stage and sings Chandelier by Sia. 
The song starts with the line "Party girls, don't get hurt" and she just starts singing with this empty expression on her face- "Can't feel anything, when will I learn, I push it down, push it down." 

And once she gets to "1 2 3 1 2 3 drink," you're basically sobbing, because you understand she is regretting her changes- because the careless and social media obsessed idiot who we met in the first episode would never have let her heart be broken like this by Henry. 
And then you see her revert back to the girl we knew in episode one- dancing around drunkly, having causal sex with her ex, partying like crazy and not giving a crap about anything and it is painful to watch. So painful. And I promise, you'll cry. 

And that isn't even half of the episode. 

Selfie got good after...episode one. Selfie is a necessary watch, and you might think -holy FLAJIN girl, no, you just summed up the entire show for me. But I didn't, there is so much more. 

13 episodes. An insanely devoted fan base trying to #saveselfie (which I am a part of.) 
This show may have been cancelled after only seven episodes, and the ending might not seem very proper but it is a must watch. I promise that in some way it willl change your life. 
I'm crying as I write this. I realize I probably rambled an insane amount but... Sorry. I spent way to much time on this anyway. 

So, in conclusion? Please watch. 


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  1. Brilliant post! You know what? When I first saw the Selfie trailer I felt like it wasn't awesome but I felt the huge potential too. Also, one can see how John Cho and Karen nailed their characters in just a few minutes of the trailer. I'm a huge fan of both actors and I hope Selfie could be saved. I'd read another review with a similar opinion like yours, about how the show improves every episode. I ḿ going to follow your blog :) and now I'm totally going to watch the first episode and I will enjoy every minute of it.